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SelfEvolution Hypnotherapy. Increase Your Resilience, Natural Anxiety and Depression Treatment

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Ready to change - or overcome burnout - yet feeling powerless or stuck? 


Want to easily, naturally achieve a state of clarity and inner peace instead of mind-fog, anxious thoughts or upsetting emotions and emotional pain? Or would you like to build greater resilience and emotional freedom, bounce forward from burnout and stress... and turn them into your superpowers that give you unlimited ways to achieve more?

You're in the right place! Whatever the symptoms are you are experiencing now, be it anxiety, depression, addictions, seemingly uncontrollable behaviors or physical symptoms that can't be explained (such as chronic pain) I can help you to resolve the underlying issues and show you how to adopt more empowered ways of dealing with life going forward. 

My purpose is to enable you to see and resolve whatever is at the core of these symptoms and may have kept you stuck with unwanted results, regardless if these are emotional or physical issues like burnout, overwhelm or fatigue or behavioral issues, like seemingly uncontrollable actions or substance abuse.

This will allow YOU to find the confidence and freedom to make better choices and experience lasting change.

I provide a safe space for you to adopt new strategies and learn ways that allow you to grow beyond your current limits and release limiting or unconscious memories, emotions and thoughts.


The way it works, is that I teach you cutting edge solution-oriented methods and  highly effective change work techniques, such as Brain Bargaining and other whole brain techniques, that are backed by neuroscience and create rapid and lasting results.

Client feedback (Anxiety) 


I used Nicole’s services as I was experiencing significant anxiety in my home and work life. I was suffering from a lack of energy even after sleeping the required hours and even lost interest in socialising and my joy for life.

Through only a few interventions with Nicole, I was able to stop that cycle of anxiety and stress. I am now feeling resilient, my mood and energy have improved significantly and I am able to enjoy life and calmly face my day to day challenges.

Mit, Thornbury


Prior commencing a program with Nicole, I was unsure what to expect. Nicole was very professional and made me feel at ease. The purpose of wanting to work with Nicole is because I knew I had childhood experiences that I had not had closure with and it was starting to affect my day to day life and was experiencing low self-esteem. I knew the logic of what I needed to do but had a feeling of being "blocked" by something. I had been to psychologists over the years and although brought some emotional and clinical relief, there was still this unsettling feeling.

I have been amazed by the results and inner peace Nicole has finally brought to me and I no longer look back at my past but get very excited about my future.
Kathryn, St. Kilda

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