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The 5 strangest phobias you ever heard of

Someone is said to have a Phobia, when they are very scared of particular people, animals, objects or situations without any reasonable or sensible explanation.

Phobias can be very disturbing and can interfere with your life significantly. They often occur when you don’t expect it. Whilst it is a common human experience to have fear, what is interesting is that human beings can get scared of almost anything in this world.

Here are some uncommon phobias that may surprise you:

1. Venustraphobia: Fear of Beautiful Women

Beauty can be overwhelming.

Studies have shown that a lot of men avoid dating a beautiful woman and may actually feel traumatized by beauty. Some men are just nervous in the presence of a very beautiful woman, but others may actually have this strange sounding phobia called Venustraphobia or Caligynephobia. They are petrified by the sight of a pretty woman!

2. Aurophobia: Fear of Finding Gold

If the dread of beauty was not enough, people can get scared of even more unimaginable things...

One such unusual fear is of finding gold or of anything made of gold. It has been speculated that people suffer from Aurophobia after a shock that was gold-related. Wondering how gold could be causing trauma? Even I am a litle!

3. Chrometophobia: Fear of Money

While the world is running after money, some of us fear money instead. What a strange kind of dread - the fear of having money is called Chrometophobia. People with Chrometophobia are defenseless to losing and mishandling money. When you find a chrometophobic, money is going to be on your side!

4. Nomophobia: Fear of Being without a mobile phone

Really? We know that our phones have become inseparable part of our lives. We get a surge of panic everytime we do not find our mobile phone. However, some people might actually experience this in the extreme. Nomophobia is such kind of fear of being without a mobile phone, phone battery or network coverage.

5. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words

Ouch! I really do hope you do not have this unsettling fear if you live in Sweden... or Germany! This is one of the strangest fears one could ever get; the fear of long words.

Ironically, the phobia’s name would have to be in the top ranking long words itself.

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