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What you can learn from a mouse about dealing with demons and fear

You have heard of the Gruffalo. Oh no! You haven’t? Well, if you haven’t… you can watch the short story of the scary Gruffalo and the little mouse here. The best thing is that it rhymes, so you can always easily remember some key lines from it which may help you whenever you're faced with demons.

We each have our demons in our lives, and we can learn a thing or two from the little mouse about dealing with them.

You don't have to believe everything you hear

The animals of the deep dark wood are very quick to believe the mouse when they hear about the Gruffalo!

Not everything we hear (or think!) is true. It’s a good habit for example to filter messages you get through the media for their usefulness and value to your life. Likewise, it's beneficial to observe that little voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, slim enough etc. – and even learn to distance yourself from it or talk back. You can get more tips on dealing with your inner critic here.

No matter how small you feel, it doesn't mean you won't come out on top

Despite all the other animals in the deep dark wood being much bigger and scarier than the mouse, she doesn't let this stop her from defending herself. She is clever, witty and not easily intimidated.

Imagination is a powerful thing

The mouse may have made up the Gruffalo but imagination can be a powerful thing as she soon enough discovers when she comes face-to-face with a real Gruffalo!

Be careful what you wish for (or think about)

The mouse's imagination does come back as her reality. What we think about most, becomes our reality.

Brains over brawn

The mouse uses her wits to outsmart the other animals in the deep dark wood which shows just how important using your clear head can be!

Thinking on your feet is a great thing

The mouse has to think fast when she encounters various predators - especially when she meets the real Gruffalo. She stays playful and cool – which works out really well for her.

Everyone has feelings

The Gruffalo may be a monster and all the woodland animals may be afraid of him in "The Gruffalo" but when he is at home in his cave with his child, it's clear he's not so scary after all. How can you connect to your demons and learn what they are there to do for you? Your mind has initially created them to help you (Life tip: your mind ALWAYS wants to help you, but this may not always be obvious.). How have these demons helped you in the past? Do you still need them NOW to protect you?

Courage comes in many forms

Whether you see the mouse as brave for thinking on her feet in a tricky situation or you can see the Gruffalo's Child (in the Gruffalo’s Child story) as brave for going on an adventure to find the Big Bad Mouse, we can all agree these books show courage comes in many forms. You need courage to conquer your own personal demons… Here are some more tips on how you might do that. And finally,

There's no such thing as a Gruffalo... or is there?! (Sorry, I had to!)

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