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Natural Slim Self Hypnosis - no more fad diets ever!

These 6 self-hypnosis mp3 audio tracks allow you to reach your ideal weight naturally and maintain your ideal weight! Easily and comfortably... No more damaging yoyo dieting - just a healthier, slim, natural you!


Acquire healthy eating habits and maintain them! Improve your health and let go of unhelpful thought patterns that make you eat. Change your thoughts and eating patterns while you sleep...

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Testimony Natural Slim Self Hypnosis Package ‏

Thank you so much for making this fantastic recording !

Listening to the audios every night has helped me to reach my ideal weight and improve my energy and wellbeing.

I am so much happier with myself, and I feeling more energetic every day!
Thank you. I love your work.


Christine, Morrabin

Mp3 tracks included in this life changing audio package:


  • Weightloss 1

  • Weightloss 2

  • Quitting sugar

  • Strenghten willpower

  • Healthy eater

  • I love myself

  • Plus FREE natural weightloss guide

  • Plus FREE worksheets to support your natural slim self journey

  • Files will be delivered to your email address within 24 hours of payment as downloadable link

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