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What clients say


"My treatment with Nicole was very effective for helping me get over my nerves, particularly my shaky knees, for a martial arts competition.  I have competed a couple of times since the treatment and feel very confident and steady on the competition floor.  A big success for which I am truly grateful."*


Michelle, Bentleigh



"Previous to trying hypnotherapy, I had tried many types of conventional and alternative therapies to help manage my irritable bowel and nervous tummy which was stopping me from eating out. I was  a little sceptical about this adding value to what I already did - however, after a very short space of time, my tummy issues not only cleared up but I felt less anxious, more relaxed and now I can enjoy eating out and not worrying about finding the nearest bathrooms. I am very happy with Nicole's expertise as it certainly has worked."


Vicki, BonBeach


"Nicole, I felt so happy after I left you yesterday - like I was seeing the world for the first time, everything was beautiful and I had an overwhelming sense that everything is going to be okay. Thank you so much."


Nicola, Fitzroy



"I had been having a problem overcoming my need to shop as my income had reduced and I could no longer afford my bad habit.


I met with Nicole and found her to be not only a great listener but very calming and after our session I felt incredibly revitalized. I also learnt some great skills to avoid my shopping habit and, while occasionally I do slip, I always have Nicole's voice in the back of my head.


I can highly recommend her services."*


Anna, Balaclava



"Nicole, I just want to say thank you for helping me get over my hospital fears.  In the past I’ve always been worried and concerned to the point where I would just cancel important procedures but your hypnosis really worked for me.  For the first time I went to the hospital, confident, and had a necessary operation without any problems or worries whatsoever. 

I actually had a great experience.  You are the best, Nicole. Thank you once again.” *


Tony, Croydon






"I used Nicole’s services as I was experiencing significant anxiety in my home and work life. I was suffering from a lack of energy even after sleeping the required hours and even lost interest in socialising and my joy for life.

Through only a few sessions with Nicole, I was able to stop that cycle of anxiety and stress. I am now feeling resilient, my mood and energy have improved significantly and I am able to enjoy life and calmly face my day to day challenges.

I am now also using the techniques I have learned in our sessions to improve how I interact with all aspects of my life, increase my mindfulness and improve my confidence in any situation."*


Mit, Thornbury


"Prior commencing a program with Nicole, I had never experienced hypnotherapy and was unsure what to expect. Nicole was very professional and made me feel at ease.
The purpose 
for wanting to try hypnotherapy is because I knew I had childhood experiences that I had not had closure with and it was starting to affect my day to day life and was experiencing low esteem. I knew the logic of what I needed to do but had a feeling of being "blocked" by something. 
I had been to psychologists over the years and although brought some emotional and clinical relief, there was still this unsettling feeling.
I have been amazed by the results and inner peace Nicole has finally brought to me and I no longer look back at my past but get very excited about my future."*


Kathryn, St. Kilda


"When I started seeing Nicole, I was battling deep sadness due to depression, I was determined to manage the depression without medication for as long as I could and Nicole's therapy was (is) an essential part of my healing. I did one program with Nicole and felt the results immediately. I now see Nicole less frequently just to boost my mental health state when dealing with life's challenges.

I strongly recommend Nicole as a therapist. She is very talented, knowledgeable and experienced. She is constantly looking to expand and enhance her methods. 
Thanks Nicole -  You are an inspiration."*


Rosemarie, Balwyn


"I saw Nicole because I felt a sense of disconnect from my body. I had put on weight and been having some difficulty loosing this weight. Nicole not only immediately understood what was needed, but I felt an immediate improvement after our hypnosis session. *


Ever since seeing her, I have had more energy than I have had in years and I am still on a steady increase. This is also the first winter in 5 years where I have not become sick. I am so grateful to Nicole for her sensitivity, empathy, and complete understanding. Since my session with her I have also managed to lose some weight due to my increased energy levels."*


Robynne, Daylesford



"I recently had a hypnotherapy session with Nicole, and not only was she professional but very compassionate, caring and empathic. Nicole seemed to know just what was required and I have found that in the week following, I had a shift in my thoughts which has continued to improve, and now I feel lighter and more in control!


I fully recommend trying Nicole for counselling and hypnotherapy. Thank you, Nicole, for your understanding."*


Jane, Yarram




* Results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed

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