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What is Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a state of mind of allowing for complete focus and concentration. In this state you can effectively take control to change unhealthy, unconscious patterns and get the very best results for yourself rapidly.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to change patterns, behaviors and feelings in a drug-free way, effectively and fast. The mind is the powerhouse of the self. If you can change the mind you can change your life.


Hypnosis in therapy is most often the natural and always safe process of deep relaxation. It is a specific state that the brain enters into when it is receptive to learning more helpful ways of doing things through suggestion. This "trance" state is a common and normal state. Probably, it may feel as if you are not in a hypnotic trance at all. You simply feel more relaxed than usual. This can be measured as there is a change in the brainwave activity.


This natural alteration is similar to that time just before someone smoothly slides into soothing sleep and is known as the "alpha" state. Alpha state is a very dreamy, pleasant state and creating a rich sensory experience. The more real the experience becomes the more effect it will have on your learning.


This experience occurs every day. For example when you are watching a fascinating film, or if you are driving down a long and boring road and listening to music that captures a mood or engrosses you, you are entranced. And some people even buy music to get into a trance state. It is perfectly safe.


What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is a combination of counselling and other therapy techniques which are utilised before and during a state of hypnosis. Therapy during hypnosis has the benefit of bypassing the conscious mind so that the subconscious mind, where a person’s core beliefs are held, can be accessed for relearning directly. This allows the client to take in the information they require on a deeper level with a greater understanding and a greater impact to bring about desired change than when dealing with the conscious mind.

What conditions can be treated with Hypnotherapy?

A wide range of common complaints can be treated effectively, such as anxiety, IBS, nail-biting, burnout, phobias and fears, for example, fear of public speaking, addictions or eating disorders, post-traumatic stress etc. There are also some less common symptoms such as sleepwalking, stuttering, Trichotillomania (TTM), or other obsessive-compulsive behaviours. 


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If I couldn’t be hypnotised in the past… could it be possible now?


Absolutely. Hypnosis is an induced trance state and a trance is a naturally occurring state that we all go in and out of every day.

The only difference is, that in therapy the trance is guided by the therapist for a specific outcome for your benefit. Just like anything else, it becomes easier and easier to go into a guided trance the more you do it.


You are a perfect hypnotic person.  Everyone can be hypnotized, and you don't need to understand or have knowledge of it.

You are using the same processes as you already using in your day to day li, and you have already been using since you were born. It is inbuilt in the brain, and it is automatic, just like breathing.


And you may discover some inner truths about yourself that you did not know on a conscious level.


Changes made through hypnotherapy are often quite fast, or immediate and permanent. Life energy, wellbeing and zest for life can be regained or increased significantly.


More information about hypnotherapy for the type of change YOU wish to make could be found at the following link:

Victorian Government Better Health Channel on Hypnosis

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