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Call now for our free "3 easy steps to bust anxiety and overwhelm" guide, my "zen bible for anxiety sufferers" or a free relaxation recording. Mind Set recordings can change your life for the better while you sleep!

How to cope with anxiety or 'be in the moment' when your mind has had a habit of "taking you for a ride" for so long? Training yourself to take back control of your mind isn't easy or instant. That's why we have created this beautiful collection of mini meditations, each of 1.5 - 3 min length.

You can use them throughout your day; to re-ground yourself in the moment, switch perspectives and train your mind to be present. This collection contains 7 mini meditations: Clear Peaceful Mind, Letting Go, Rising Above, Focus, Silent Mirror, Unplug to Recharge and Slow Food


Deep Sleep - Let go of Insomnia Self Hypnosis (MP3)

This self-hypnosis track allows you to sleep through the night soundly, and improve your sleeping patterns. Improve sleeping patterns and let go or unhelpful thought patterns while you sleep!

Tips for Better Sleep

This instant PDF download provides essential strategies to optimise your sleep patterns. Adequate high quality sleep is absolutely essential for your body-minds proper functioning and optimal energy. Most of my clients underestimate the importance and central role good quality sleep plays in their recovery.

Become Unstuck - Flow with Life and Ease

This hypnotic track allows you to become unstuck and flow with life with ease and comfort. Improve your energy and go on a mini holiday in your mind! 

Confidence and Calm (MP3)

This hypnosis track allows you gain a sense of calm and control in your life, feel more confident and make positive changes while you sleep!


Freedom to Be YOU : How to Ditch Perfectionism and Procrastination & Follow Your Dreams (for good)

Perfectionism is not excellence, it is procrastination based in fear.

Do you sometimes feel like there is something more to life? More to you? Do you feel unsettled or like there is something always missing no matter how hard you push yourself do be, do or have more? 
This course teaches you How to Ditch Perfectionism and Procrastination and Find Inner Peace.

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Find more self-help resources for burnout, anxiety and depression on my BLOG with lots of tips on how to become more resilient

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