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I work with people ready to quit their addictions, inclusive of addictions to eating and can help you to quit sugar and smoking...


Some of the addictions or compulsive behaviours that can be treated are:


Controlling Behaviours

Drug Addictions

Food Addictions



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (click for more)

Pornography or Facebook addictions, and


Quitting smoking is an important investment not only in your health but in your enjoyment of life. To become a true non-smoker, not just a smoker who is for now resisting cigarettes, it takes an inner shift. I am a reformed smoker myself. Having made this shift I can now enjoy vibrant health and can be comfortable with myself on all levels.


That’s why I use an approach that helps YOU become a non-smoker, not someone who is resisting smoking. A true non-smoker couldn't think of anything worse than smoking, and wouldn't have thoughts of smoking at all.


Smoking Cessation and Addictions


Have you considered the true cost of smoking?

An average smoker spends around $10 000 + per year on cigarettes.
How would you like this sitting in your bank account as opposed to giving it to the huge and already rich tobacco industry? In addition, your life is shortened by the habit and health risks increase dramatically.


Smoking Facts


  • In 2015, almost 21,000 Australians died from smoking-related disease – that’s more than 50 preventable deaths every day. (1)

  • Cancer is the number one cause of smoking-related death and illness in Australia (45 per cent of the total burden of disease). Quitting smoking reduces the risk of smoking-related diseases in people of all ages. (1)

  • People who have quit smoking outnumber people who currently smoke: in 2016, over 24 per cent of Australians had quit smoking during their lifetime

  • Quitting before 30 years of age reduces your risk of lung cancer by 90 per cent, compared to someone who continues to smoke throughout their life.

  • Tobacco smoke is made up of thousands of chemicals and many of them are very harmful. More than 60 of them cause cancer. (2)


Ready to become an effortless non-smoker? Call today on 04141 55 281 or book a 15 min call here to assess if you are ready to be a non-smoker for life.



(1) Victorian Better Health Channel

(2). Source:

Quit Smoking Melbourne

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