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Sleep Issues - Insomnia - Nightmares - Interrupted Sleep

Sleep is essential to life and good health.


Yet so many people suffer from unsound sleep, due to insomnia, anxiety, worry, depression or other sleep interruptions, such as nightmares. People who have been shift workers for longer periods of time often find it difficult to go to sleep, and others due to trauma or even due to unexplained causes.

When you are suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma or burnout you might find it difficult to find restful sleep - often you might wake up feeling tired even after sleeping long hours.


Not only the quantity of sleep is important, but also the quality.


With Hypnotherapy you can learn how to sleep soundly again, and allow body and mind to rest optimally while you sleep. I use gentle, comfortable treatments that can greatly reduce, and even remove chronic sleep issues, such as insomnia or interrupted sleep effectively. 


Excellent results are achieved, even for longstanding sleep issues that don't have physical or other obvious causes, by removing the underlying causes of your sleep issues with the proven methods and techniques used in my practice. 



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