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Is Hypnotherapy a Viable Alternative For an Anger Management Course?

Various techniques are commonly used to address anger problems, including talk therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and other wellness methods. Perhaps you have tried mindfulness, meditation or talk therapy and still find it difficult to control your anger. That is because a part of the mind is involved in the fight-and-flight response, that is out of your conscious control.

That is why clinical hypnotherapy has gained increasing popularity as an approach to eliminate problems stemming from anger and is sometimes used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches, such as mindfulness or cognitive behavioural therapy.

Hypnotherapy is an especially effective tool for rapid anger management because it allows the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and the body to work together.

Because anger is a psychological response, often triggered by a perception of danger or disempowerment in the subconscious parts of the brain, hypnotherapy can directly work to alter these unconscious thinking patterns, belief systems and change our relationship with those people or situations that make us angry.

During a hypnosis session, a hypnotherapist can neutralise the underlying causes and triggers for your anger, effectively eliminating the symptoms you’re experiencing.

During hypnosis you can learn to think, feel and behave in a healthier way in response to anger. This is because hypnotherapy helps you feel calmer and more in control. In addition, it enhances your overall sense of wellbeing, mood and increases feelings of hopefulness. If you’ve been looking for an alternative or complementary treatment to anger management classes, hypnotherapy can give you the boost you need to resolve your symptoms effectively.

If you are feeling irritable, and struggling with angry outbursts, or angry, irrational responses to your environment, contact us today for a free introductory consultation about how hypnosis might help with your situation at 041 41 55 281.


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