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Why Burnout is Deeply Misunderstood

I believe my repeated episodes of burnout when I was younger have SAVED MY LIFE…

How, you might ask?

Perhaps, like so many other people you believe that burnout is a bad thing. In the society we live in burnout is a word that’s akin to some terrible infectious disease, who’s name we don’t even want to utter, like “she burned out” [face as if someone’s died].

Thanks to burning out I couldn’t push myself any further – I had to stop right there. So my body didn’t have to manifest any more severe warning signs, like other people get them (heart disease is a common one).

Thanks to burning out, I was able to wake up, so I could change my life…

Thanks to burning out, I needed to learn how to FEEL again (yes, I was numb – but that’s a story for another day).

Thanks for burning out, I realised I had to get a life. And I did – sure, it took a while, there were many hurdles, the biggest of them my own fear. But I did it.

Underneath your stress and burnout patterns you will find what?

You may fear it’s a deep black hole. You may fear it’s nothing – I tell you what you’ll find if you look deep enough: Your superpower.

I am blessed and I know it.

Ask me how I did it…

Bless your pain - you are on the right track. Because the journey of a thousand steps starts here.

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