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How and why chronic stress makes you sick

Following on from my blog post last month about how early trauma affects your physical health and in particular your gut health, here is an awesome and really s h o r t video from TedEx that illustrates how chronic stress makes you sick. What is chronic stress? Chronic family tensions certainly are in that category, in addition to other chronic stresses such as worries about finances, the health of a loved one, stressful housemates or neighbors etc. Chronic stresses can also be internal, such as having an unrelenting inner critic, being a perfectionist, being in the habit of catastrophising, or not living in congruence with your values. No wonder so many of us struggle with chronic health issues - chronic stress is up there as one of the number one causes of our era!

Why and How Chronic Stress makes you sick

So what can you do about it? However, there are ways of learning to deal better with stressors, especially if they are internal. Learn how to rewire your thinking with self-hypnosis or by learning how to examine your own thoughts; instead of believing everything they tell you.

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