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12 Steps to Bouncing Forward from Burnout - Part 2

There is much more to burnout than meets the eye.

In Part 1 of 12 Steps to Bouncing Forward from Burnout I have given you 3 key steps to help you to get started with bouncing forward from Burnout. In this article, I will elaborate on one absolutely essential step to recovering from burnout.

Remember, that there is NO QUICK FIX to real burnout - we are not just talking about a state of being tired or fed up.

True burnout is a state of emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion and can have significant consequences for your health. It is often a result of ignoring your true needs for an extended period of time. Therefore it is very important for you to be compassionate with yourself if you have reached this state. Here are further strategies that will help you to learn from this experience and bounce forward:

Key Strategy #4 Re-set your circadian rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is so much more than just your sleep pattern, although just the costs of poor sleep patterns are enormous. When your circadian rhythm is maladjusted, your body cannot function as intended by nature.

You feel constantly fatigued. Perhaps you are trying to "fix" your lack of energy through stimulants; carbohydrates or by pushing yourself harder, each of which serves to make you feel even more exhausted.

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping through the night or falling asleep (common if you have anxious thoughts or feeling depressed which often co-occurs with burnout) - then you may feel tired during the day and wide awake at night.

Until you re-set your circadian rhythm, your body is trapped in a viscous cycle of under-functioning (none of the systems can work optimally, including your cells, hormones, immune system, detoxification etc.) and this takes a toll on all your bodily systems.

Over time this will make you feel more and more tired.

The quality of your sleep is just as important as the quantity, as well as the proper times for sleep.

To help you with adjusting your sleep pattern, you can download my tips for Better Sleep here :) or even get a self-hypnosis recording to help you fall asleep and have better quality sleep here.

Stay tuned for more steps on bouncing forward from Burnout or contact me here to accelerate your recovery.

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